Meet our staff


My name is Sara Manurung, I am the owner of Jade Pottery & DIY studio. I have been married for 15 years to my husband Herlan. We have 3 crazy kids Ella, Norah, and Miles. in my spare time I like camping, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.

I have been in the Paint your own pottery industry since 1997 when I worked for my cousin Sherry George at her pottery shop meg art in Mooresville, NC.  a couple years later I was the Manager for one of her franchises in Charlotte NC where I met my husband.

We decided to move back to Alexander NY where I was from and I did the "mom" thing.  It was when my middle daughter was in daycare part-time when I decided to do a pottery handprint fundraiser for her daycare when my pottery biz really started to take off... fast forward 8 years and here I am in Henrietta with our new store.  

You can usually find me at Jade Pottery either loading the kiln, painting, or generally goofing around with customers.  I love to meet new people and laugh with them.  Hope to see you and your family painting soon!!

Herlan (aka H)

Meet our master wood crafter Mr. H (just to be clear the bio pic was his choice)

If you have been to a wood sign party you've probably met him. Herlan likes to do woodworking, cook, and of course pottery painting. (he will also show you his pottery masterpieces every time you come in).  Herlan grew up in Indonesia, now loves being a western New Yorker.  Herlan is a Chef at RIT for the past 13 years, and loves to teach students and friends how to cook.  Come on in and meet him!


Hi! My name is Lyndsay Baker, I am a mother of 3, (Phoenix, Daela and Severyn) and have been with my Al (fiancé) for 7 years, we have two boxers: Sylvester and Zeus. (Zeus is a rescue from NH) We live in a small town in Stafford, NY. I also do Substitute Teaching at Pavilion Central School, where our children all attend. (this is how I met the Manurung Family) 

I am an avid artist, I try to do something creative each day, even if its just a small sketch. I love mixed media projects, acrylic and watercolor-but also dabble in most everything. Another artistic skill that I dabble in is Photography, which is not only a hobby, but a business as well.



I have been working with the Manurung Family for about two years now, working with pottery has been a great, eye-opening experience. The possibilities are endless! I will definitely consider myself a novice at all things pottery, but it is relaxing and super enjoyable! I would recommend it to anyone! I really do love learning new techniques and painting samples for the shop!


Have you done a wood sign with us? No? Well, you should! We offer THE BEST custom and handcrafted signs! I was super fortunate enough to be asked to create your custom signs, and I also help with all the printing as well! I love watching each person’s sign turn into their own personalized wall hanging! So, if you ever ask for a custom sign, I will probably be at the other end of the email or message! Talk to you soon 


I look forward to meeting you at your next visit! See you soon!


Hi! My name is Hellen I am a devoted wife, and mother to Gianna. I have worked at jade pottery for almost 1 year. I have been painting pottery with my friend Sara for much longer than that! I only work a few hours a week, but I hope my passion for painting and customer service shows! I love meeting new people... I love to cook, entertain, and hang out with family and friends. I work full time at RIT with Herlan. (don't hold that against me).


Hi! My name is Ella Jade, (fun fact...I am the Jade of Jade Pottery). I'm 13 and in 8th grade. I enjoy art, music, and reading. I have been helping my mom at her shop since i was little. I like working at Jade Pottery because, it gives me a place to express my creativity and meet new people!

*photo by EllBee Photography & design (Lyndsay)


 Hi! My name is Norah, I love to draw, sing dance and goof off. I am 10 years old and in 6th grade. I love working at jade pottery because I can do fun artsy stuff with my family... (FUN FACT! My middle name is also jade. WOW!)

*photo by EllBee Photography & design (Lyndsay)


hi! my name is Miles and I am 6 years old.  I love Legos, ancient things, and being silly.  If you come to the shop when I am there I will talk your ear off about how to paint pottery, random things about family, ancient Egyptians,  monster catfish, or anything else that comes to mind. I have painted more pottery than any of the Manurung kids by far and will list everything I have painted since I was born.  LOL Also i have a cool catch phrase: #igottatellyousumpin

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